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پراب زاویه ای ضخامت سنج اولتراسونیک TIME SZ2.5P

پراب زاویه ای ضخامت سنج اولتراسونیک TIME SZ2.5P

پراب زاویه ای ضخامت سنج اولتراسونیک TIME SZ2.5P ساخت کمپانی Time چین

-مدل SZ2.5P

پراب با قدرت نفوذ بالا

-محدوده اندازه گیری: 300-3 mm (آهن)

-پراب 2.5 مگاهرتز با قطر 12 میلیمتر

-دمای کاری: 60-10-C



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About TIME Group Inc.

TIME Group Inc. was established in October 1984 by Mr. Peng Weimin and MadamWang Xiaolan, along with many scientific and technical personnel, one of the earliest established modern high-tech manufacturing enterprises in Beijing Zhongguancun area, the pioneer of the mechanical and electrical industry in China as well.

Time Group Inc. manufactured the first Leeb hardness tester in China. After over 30 years of unremitting efforts, TIME Group has now developed into a big high-tech industrial economic entity with several billion yuan of assets, 8 holding companies, more than 30 sales subsidiaries and offices, nearly 2000 staff. Our products are involved in testing instruments, welding equipments, testing machines, robots and other high-tech industries. TIME group also builds a state-level technology center and post-doctoral stations, showing our research and development capability.

Upholding “self-design, work together, create excellence” guidance, TIME Group will always deliver state-of-the-art quality products and technologies that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements in the modern material testing world.

Technical Specifications

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