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ضخامت سنج آلتراسونیک Testech مدل TC400

مشخصات کلی:

دستگاه ضخامت سنج التراسونیک برای ضخامت سنجی انواع فلزات وغیرفلزات و اندازه گیری میزان خوردگی به کارمی رود. ویژگیهای این دستگاه شامل گستره اندازه گیری ایده آل با دقت بسیار بالا می باشد.

گستره اندازه گیری از 0.75 تا 300 MM

– سرعت صوت قابل تنظیم توسط دستگاه از 1000 تا 9999M/S

– با دقت بسیار بالا 0.01 MM

– دارای حافظه 20 گروه



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ضخامت سنج آلتراسونیک Testech مدل TC400

مشخصات فنی:

ضخامت سنج آلتراسونیک Testech مدل TC400ساخت کمپانی Testech چین

– برای ضخامت سنجی فلزات وغیرفلزات واندازه گیری میزان خوردگی به کارمی رود.

– گستره اندازه گیری از 0.75 تا 300 MM

– سرعت صوت قابل تنظیم توسط دستگاه از 1000 تا 9999M/S

– با دقت بسیار بالا 0.01 MM

– دارای حافظه 20 گروه

– قابلیت تنظیم حد بالا و پایین همراه با هشدار اتوماتیک

– کالیبره اتوماتیک

– دو حالت اندازه گیری ( تک نقطه و حالت اسکن )

– نور پشت زمینه

کاتالوگ ضخامت سنج آلتراسونیک Testech مدل TC400 را از فایل زیر دریافت نمایید:

TC400 & TC200 catalog


Testech Group Co., Ltd is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments in Beijing China. Testech Group combines all the R/D and production advantage of all its own subsidiaries, takes advantage of its years marketing and sales experience in global market, contributes to offering most qualified competitive products and service to international markets.
Testech Group Co., Ltd products are composed of all kinds of metal and non-metal testing equipments, such as portable hardness tester, micro hardness tester, shore durometer, vickers hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, Brinell hardness tester, portable X-ray flaw detector, mobile X-ray flaw detector, Real-time X-ray image flaw system, holiday detector, digital portable eddy current electrical conductivity meter, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, coating/painting thickness gauge, ultrasonic thickness gauge, vibration tester, surface roughness tester, profile projector, etc, and all of their accessories such as ultrasonic transducer, test block, IQI, lead screen, densimeter, film viewer etc.
Testech Group Co., Ltd employees include a highly trained staff of engineers for sales and service, that are committed to offer satisfactory products and prompt service to all home and abroad customers.
Testech Group Co., Ltd, based on most advanced technology in China, is an China famous industry group, focus on development & research and precision production of various testing equipment. The group has two own factories and two sister factories located in area of Beijing, Liaoning, Shandong and Guangzhou. All the products are produced following ISO9001 regulations and the products have been exported to most of world markets in passed years.
Our promise: Reliable quality, competitive price, fast delivery, satisfactory service.
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